Before you send money to buy an AKC Irish Setter puppy from James Fields of Yreka, California you should do some research... and look up case
#SCCVCVC52016-1296-2  I took him to court because he refused to honor our written contract and sent a "doctored" copy of the contract to AKC....I won the case and it took 2 weeks short of 2 YEARS before he paid, I told him I was going back to court because I had proof he lied in the first case. He then sent a letter demanding I not post or tell people what happened or if another person mentioned this he would sue me over the court case of Wilder's Flaming Star for harassment and it is hurting his what type of person doesn't want others to know that they didn't honor a written contract, sent a "doctored" contract to AKC and said in court that was so he could get paperwork in his name???   

There are plenty of people who actively show their Irish Setters.
Don't buy from a backyard breeder.  
We have owned 2 Champions from AKC AND put a title on one.....Ask him what he has done? And then check...

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