Census find the families living at:


 Wiley M. C. James

1850 ~~ District 6, Blount County, Tennessee

               Wyley James             29 years (This is Wiley)

               Elizah                        25 years (wife) (This is Elizabeth)

               Robert                         6 years (son)

               Orpha                          6 years (daughter)

               John E                         2 years (son)

               Elizah Stone               24 years (female ~ sister to the wife of Wiley's brother Jesse Howard James)

1860 ~~ Beat 5, Fannin County, Texas

               Wiley James               37 years

               E                                 35 years  (wife)

               Robert N                     15 years (son)

               Orphy                          13 years (daughter)

               John E                         11 years (son)

               Mary D                         9 years (daughter)

               Albertus B                    7 years (son)  

               Wiley H                        5 years (son) THIS IS TYLEE

Wiley stayed in Fannin County (Dodd City), Texas as part of the local home guard unit to defend the town (Civil War)

1870 ~~ Horsehead, Johnson County, Arkansas

               Wylie James                 49 years  (Justice of the Peace)

               Elizabeth                       45 years (wife)

               John E                           21 years (son)

               Allertice                        17 years (son)  

               Tally H                          15 years (son) THIS IS TYLEE

              Samuel M                       13 years (son)

1880 ~~ Canyon City, Grant County, Oregon

               W. M. C. James              60 years    listed as married but no mention of his wife. 

His son-in-law obituary from 1918 refers to him as W.M.C. James and also on his daughter's Mary Dialtha tombstone as W.M.C. James


Robert Newton James

1850 ~~ District 6, Blount County, Tennessee   w/his family

               Robert James                   6 years

1860 ~~ Beat 5, Fannin County, Texas    w/his family

               Robert N James             15 years

Robert enlisted in the 30th Texas Cavalry Regiment, also known as 1st Texas Partisan Rangers, at the age of 18 in Denton County, Texas.

In a newspaper article in the Quanah paper Robert recalled that he and his family camped out near a Texas Ranger Camp, near where the railroad tracks run today. He also recalled that he hauled freight in wagons from Quanah to Mobeetie in the panhandle (where Bat Materson killed a man in defense of a woman) and to Clairmont (east of Lubbock on Highway 380). All that remain of these two towns are the jails. The one in Mobeetie is operated as a museum.

He married Frances Ann Eakins (sister to James "Jim" Montgomery Eakins who married Robert's sister Mary Dialtha) on July 27, 1865

Robert and Frances Ann were among the first settlers of Quanah, Texas. Robert, as a teemster, brought in the first printing press used for publishing a newspaper in Quanah...

1870 ~~ White Oak, Franklin, Arkansas

               Robert James                 25 years

               Fanny                             27 years (wife)

               Austin                              8 years (son)

               Elzinia                             4 years (daughter)

               Susan                               1 year (daughter)

               John E James                 21 years (brother to Robert)

1880 ~~ Precinct 4, Denton County, Texas

               R. N. James                   35 years

               Fanny A                         37 years (wife)

               A. O.                              17 years (son)

               Ebzina J.                        13 years (son) (this is Elzina Elizabeth who later married George Washington Green)

               Albert                              9 years (son)

               Fanny                              6 years (daughter) (believe this to be who they later called Myra)

               Tylee                               3 years (son)

               Reuben Hoover              25 years (laborer, other then a direct relative)


1900 ~~ Justice Precint 1, Hardeman County, Texas

                            Robert James                  55 years

               Myra                              25 years (daughter)

               Paul A                            18 (son)

               Cosmo                            16 (son)

Not sure when Robert married a second time ~~ we know he had more children, including a son named Todd M who was 6 years younger then Myra. Todd married and had children including a daughter named Francis N born appox 1891 and a son named Todd M born appox 1896

1910 ~~ Quanah, Hardeman County, Texas

               R. N. James                    64 years

               Lizzie A                          52 years

               Willie Bailey                  14 years (daughter of Lizzie)

1920 ~~ Quanah, Hardeman County, Texas

               Robert N James             74 years

               Lizzie A                         71 (wife)

               Myra                              45 (daughter)

Robert died on Oct 2, 1924 in Quanah, Texas


Orphy or Orpha James

she also went by her middle name of Alzena

1850 ~~ District 6, Blount County, Tennessee   w/her family

               Orpha James                  6 years

1860 ~~ Beat 5, Fannin County, Texas    w/her family

               Orphy James                 13 years

1870 ~~ married William L. Hopkins in Franklin, Arkansas


1900 ~~ White Oak, Franklin, Arkansas

               Orpha is listed as being widowed

               Orpha is also listed as having had 12 children

                                                   having 10 children still alive

               Orpha                                          53 years

               Wiley                                           29 years (son)

               Maggie M                                    19 years (daugher)

               Andrew J                                     17 years (son)

               Alonzo Robert                              15 years (son)

               Laura H                                       12 years (daughter)

1910 ~~ Alix, Franklin, Arkansas

              Orpah is listed as mother-in-law   64 years

              Geroge Morris                              25 years

              Laura Morris                                 22 years

The Draft Registration Card for Tylee Wil (1917-1918) list his mother as being alive and has her name spelled as Allizinna


John E James

1850 ~~ District 6, Blount County, Tennessee   w/his family

               John E James                2 years

1860 ~~ Beat 5, Fannin County, Texas    w/his family

               John E James                 11 years

1870 ~~ Horsehead, Johnson County, Arkansas   w/his family

               John E James                 21 years

1880 ~~ Long Creek, Grant County, Oregon

               John James                     32 years

               Sarah L                           28 years

               Martha A                         3 years (daughter)

               Albert                              7 months (son)

Not sure when he married a second time

1900 ~~ South Wichita, Lincoln County, Oklahoma

               John E James                  51 years

               Winifred J                       49 years (wife)

                Martha A                        23 years (daughter)

               Albert L                           20 years (son)

1910 ~~ South Wichita, Lincoln County, Oklahoma

               John E James                   62 years

               Winifred J                        60 years (wife)

               Anna M                            12 years (niece) (Sam's daughter)

1920 ~~ South Wichita, Lincoln County, Oklahoma

               John E James                    71 years

              Winniford J                        69 years (wife)

              Malissa C Taylor                58 years (boarder)

1930 ~~ South Wichita, Lincoln County, Oklahoma

               John E James                     81 years

               Winefred J                         79 years (wife)

John died September 28, 1937 in Oklahoma


Mary Dialtha James

1860 ~~ Beat 5, Fannin County, Texas    w/her family

               Mary D                         9 years

married James "Jim" Montgomery Eakins (brother to the wife of Robert Newton James) in December 1868 or 1869 in Arkansas

1880 ~~ Canyon City, Grant County, Oregon

               J.M. Eakins                   34 years (husband)

               M.D.                              29 years (this is Mary)

               E.A.                               10 years (daughter)

               N.W.                               9 years (son)

               C.B.                                7 years (son)

               S.I.                                  5 years (daughter) THIS IS SUSIE ANN

               R.A.                                3 years (son) THIS IS JAMES ROBERT

               J.O.                                  1 year (son)

"Lola Grace" aka Grace was born March 15, 1887 in Quanah, Texas. She recalls that prior to her birth her parents had lived in and traveled by covered wagon for many years. She was the 9th of 12 children and said that her mother said the most tragic thing that ever happened to her was having to bury one child along the Oregon trail. The child was buried in a feed box from off the wagon. During the time her parents lived in Oregon there was a long stretch of time when they and other white families lived in a rough stockade, driven there by Indians (see previous page about the Indian Attack at Long Creek, Oregon). When Grace was about 5 years old (appox 1892) they moved to Oklahoma Territory. They located between what is now Hammon and Cheyenne. At that time Hammon was an Indian camp. There were 3 different times that her father had her mother take the children and go back to Texas (to her brother R.N. James) because of the restlessness of the Indians.

I also heard from a descendant of Mary who stated the story passed down in their family was: family lore is that the James gang had stopped at the Eakins ranch, stayed way in the back, killed a cow and ate on it for several days, bringing the rest of the cow up to the house just prior to departing, talking with the parents for a short time.  From what I understand, nobody had any issue with what happen and seemed to know one another.  Another bit of lore is that Joseph Eakins had a cave on his land in Kentucky that the James gang and rebel soldiers had stayed in at different times.

Jim & Mary Eakins filed for homestead in February 1898 in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma

Grace (daughter of Jim & Mary) married Sam George Bruce in Cheyenne, Oklahoma in 1908. Mr Bruce died in 1915 and she married Herman Gerbes in 1918.

1910 ~~ Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma

               James M Eakins              65 years (husband)

               Mary D                            60 years

               George C                         20 years (son)

               Nellie J                            19 years (daughter)

               Hattie F                           16 years (daughter)

1918, Beckham County, Oklahoma obituary: James Montgomery Eakins and his brother Noah Jones Eakins were born in Kentucky and had lived in Arkansas and Texas before coming to Oklahoma. James Montgomery "Jim" Eakins was born 4 September 1845. He married Mary Dialtha James about 1869. She was the daughter of W. M. C. and Elizabeth James. To this union were born twelve children: Elizabeth Algenia, Noah Wiley, Charles Blount, Susie Ann, James Robert, Jessie Oliver, Sam Houston, Mildred Dialtha, Lola Grace, George Calvin, Nellie Jane and Hattie F.

1937 obituary: Mrs. Mary D. Eakins, 86-year old Hammon woman, died at 7:30 this morning September 6, 1937 at Hammon. Funeral arrangements had not been made this afternoon, pending word from her children. Survivors include four daughters and three sons. The daughters are Mrs. Susie Crockett, Altus; Mrs. Mildred Lacey, Phoenix, Arizona; Mrs. Hattie Compton, Liban, Texas; and Mrs. Grace Gurces, Rogers, Arkansas. The sons are Noah Eakins, Mount PLeasant; Jess Eakins, Elida, New Mexico; and George Eakins of Hammon.


Tombstone from the Kiowa Cemetry in Roger Mills, Oklahoma  

EAKINS, Mary Dialtha  Father: W. M. C. James


b. 13 October 1850 Mother: Elizabeth ________
d. 6 September 1937  Spouse: James Montgomery EAKINS



EAKINS,  James Montgomery “Jim” 

Born in Kentucky, brother to

Noah Jones EAKINS

b. 4 September 1845  .
d.                      1918 Spouse: Mary Dialtha James
. .
Row 5 north to south



Albertus (?) B James

1860 ~~ Beat 5, Fannin County, Texas    w/her family

               Albertus B                    7 years (son)  

1870 ~~ Horsehead, Johnson County, Arkansas      

               Allertice                        17 years (son)  


Tylee Houston James

1860 ~~ Beat 5, Fannin County, Texas    w/his family

               Wiley H                        5 years (son) THIS IS TYLEE

1870 ~~ Horsehead, Johnson County, Arkansas   w/his family

               Tally H                          15 years (son) THIS IS TYLEE

1880 ~~ Summerville, Union County, Oregon

               T Houston James          25 years

               Francis N                      20 years (wife)

               Martha E                      10 months (daughter)

               Ervin Whiteman           20 years (not related, listed as Laborer)

1890 ~~ Cleveland, Oklahoma December 24, 1890

              Tylee married Susan Ida Crossland

              on the marriage certificate his mother's maiden name is listed as Bowen

1900 ~~ South Wichita, Lincoln County, Oklahoma Territory

               Tylee James                  45 years

               Susan I                          33 years (wife)

               Sydey I                         18 years (son)

               Mary A                         16 years (daughter)

               John N                            7 years (son)

               William W                      4 years (son)

               Tylee H                           1 year (son)

1910 ~~ Rohnerville, Humboldt County, California

               Lylon (Tyler) H James     55 years (THIS IS TYLEE)

               Ida                                    44 years (wife) (THIS IS SUSAN)

               John W                             17 years (son) (THIS IS JOHN N)

               William W                        14 years (son)

               Aliora D                            10 years (daughter) (THIS IS ALZENA)

               Sarah I                                7 years (daughter)

               Walterla                             4 years (daughter) (THIS IS WILLZETTA)

               Hallie                                  1 year (son) (THIS IS HOLLIS, we called him Uncle Hod)

1920 ~~ Table Bluff, Humboldt County, California

               Tylie H                              64 years (THIS IS TYLEE)

               Susan I                              53 years (wife)

               John N                              27 years (son)

               Willzetta                           13 years (daughter)

               Theordore H                     10 years (son) (THIS IS HOLLIS)

               Jesse                                   7years

1930 ~~ Table Bluff, Humboldt County, California

               Tyler                                  75 years

               Susana                               63 years (wife) (THIS IS SUSAN)

               Hollis                                 21 years (son)

               Jessie                                 16 years (son) (THIS IS JESSE)

               Sarah Crossland                93 years (mother-in-law)

               Warren Davis                    25 years (cousin-in-law)(IS A SON-IN-LAW)

               Sarah Davis                       26 years (daughter to TYLEE)

               Jannie Davis                        6 years (granddaughter to TYLEE)

               Richard Davis                      3 years (grandson to TYLEE)

               Lois Davis                            1 year (granddaughter to TYLEE)

Tylee died December 5, 1935 in Loleta, California

obituary from the Times Standard in Humboldt County:  Tylee H. James ~ Pioneer of Co. is buried Dec 7 ... LOLETA ~ Tylee H. James, of Loleta, died at his home Thursday night, December 5th. He was born in 1855 in Tennessee. He came to Humboldt county twenty-five years ago and has lived in Loleta the pass twenty years. He was widely known for the strawberries which he sold on the old Loleta road a few years ago. He is survived by his wife, Susan James, of Loleta, the following sons and daughters: Mrs. Martha Worthington of Loleta, Mrs. Mary Ellis of Oklahoma, Mrs. Sarah Monson of Ferndale, Mrs. Willzetta Miranda of Maple Creek, and Newton, Hollis, Jesse and Sidney of Loleta; also a brother and sister in Oklahoma.

obituary January 23, 1957: Susan Ida James, 90, died Monday evening at a Eureka Hospital. She was born November 18, 1866 at Glen Rose, Texas coming to Fortuna in 1920, where she lived before moving to Loleta, where she had lived the rest of her life. She was a Gold Star Mother, and a member of the American Legion Auxiliary., Fortuna Post. She was the widow of the late Tylee Houston James, who died in 1935. She is survived by two sons: Hollis James and Jesse James, both of Loleta; four daughters: Wilzetta Moranda, Orland; Sara Monson, Ferndale; Martha Worthington, Sebastopol, Mary Ellis, Reedley; 37 grandchildren and over 50 great grandchildren: a sister, Alla Upson, Kingsburg; a brother, Will Crossland, Shattuck, Oklahoma; nieces, Frances Franks, Clear Lake Highlands; nephews: Charles and Alfred Crossland, both of Alton. George Crossland, La Mesa, Texas.


Samuel Mastin James


1870 ~~ Horsehead, Johnson County, Arkansas   w/his family

              Samuel M                       13 years (son)

1880 ~~ John Day, Grant County, Oregon

               Saml James                    25 years

He married Cressie and had 6 children. She died before 1910.

1910 ~~ South Wichita, Lincoln County, Oklahoma

               Samuel M James           53 years

               Carl C                           14 years (son)

Sam's daughter was living with his brother, John E, for this census

1920 ~~ South Wichita, Lincoln County, Oklahoma

              Jessie C James                29 years (THIS IS SAM'S SON JESSE)

               Mattie M                        26 years (wife to Jesse)

               Velva M                           8 years (granddaughter to Sam)

               Lora                                 4 years (granddaughter to Sam)

               Samuel M James             62 years
















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