First Row ~~ Bottom Left to Right

Lora Crockett ~~ daughter of Susie (Susie was the daughter of Mary Dialtha who
was a sister to Tylee)
Elzie Crockett ~~ daughter of Susie
Myrtle Crockett ~~ daughter of Susie
John Newton James ~~ son of  Tylee & Susan Ida
Wiley James ~~ son of  Tylee & Susan Ida
Walter James ~~ son of Sam (Sam was a brother to Tylee)
Jesse James ~~ son of Sam

Second Row ~~ left to right

Houston Crockett ~~ son of Susie
Anna Mae James ~~ daughter of Sam ~~ Anna married a Granger
Carl James ~~ son of Sam
Tylee Houston James ~~ son of Tylee & Susan (infant died & buried in Oklahoma)
Harley Primm ~~ son of Mattie (Mattie is daughter of Alzena who was sister to
Leila Worthington ~~ daughter of Martha Elizabeth (Martha was a daughter of
Tylee & his first wife Frances Nevada Chase)

Third Row ~~ left to right

Bob Crockett ~~ husband of Susie
Sam James ~~ brother to Tylee
John James ~~ brother to Tylee
Sidney James ~~ son of Tylee & his first wife Frances Nevada Chase
Tylee Houston James
John Primm ~~ husband of Mattie (daughter of Alzena who is sister to Tylee)
Orval Worthington ~~ husband of Martha (daughter of Tylee & his first wife Frances Nevada Chase)

Fourth Row ~~ left to right

Susie Crockett ~~ daughter of Mary Dialtha
Mildred Dialthea ~~ daughter of Mary Dialtha (Mildred married a Lacey)
Willie James ~~ son of Sam
Cressie James ~~wife of Sam
Albert James ~~ son of John & his first wife Sarah L (John was a brother to
Jane James ~~ second wife of John
Mattie James ~~ daughter of  John & Sarah L.
Mary Ann James ~~ daughter of Tylee (she married Oliver Ellis)
Susan Ida James ~~ Tylee's second wife
Mattie Primm ~~ daughter of Alzena (sister to Tylee)
Martha Elizabeth Worthington ~~ daughter of Tylee & Frances (Martha married
Orval Worthington)

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