Shelby is pictured at 4 1/2 months...

On March 28, 2016 Shelby was weighed at the vet's at 57 lbs.


                                        Ikard's Darby O'Gill

                              Jonah, Vieira's Bold Ruler

                                        Ikard's Miss Lilli Girl

                    Providence Tennessee Red Davey Rules

                                        Duggar's Duke

                              Vieiras Big Red Ginger Belle

                                        Dugger's Roxann

          Finnegan Red Mcpherson

                                        Come Back Fireboy

                              Celtic's Firefight

                                        Celtic's Sub Rosa

                    Providence Reigns Undying Love

                                        CH COURTWOOD HEAVY RAINS  OFA good

                              Ganderleigh's Hannah Reigns

                                        Calspern Holly Elizabeth (imported from United Kingdom)

Wilders Flaming Star

                                        CH COURTWOOD GRAND HOTEL, ROM, TD, CGC   OFA good

                              CH COURTWOOD HEAVY RAINS   OFA good

                                        CH COURTWOOD BANDANNA, ROM

                    CH CHAPPELL'S BRISTOL MOON

                                        CH MEADOWLARK'S IRISH MONARCH, ROM  OFA good

                              CH DEVLIN'S CHAPPEL BELLE

                                        AM & CAN CH DEVLIN'S JEZEBEL   OFA good

          Charlars Shannon Marie

                                        CH SHADOWMERE'S PENNY PINCHER  OFA excellent

                              CH CHARLAR SOVEREIGN OF SOLIVIA  OFA good

                                        White Oak's On Parade  OFA fair

                    Gc Cinnamon Moonbean

                                        CH SIT'N TUCKERS IRISH JUBILEE, CD

                              Charlars Cinnabon

                                        CH CHARLARS DANCING MOONBEAM, CDX


 We were told that Shelby's sire was related to the dog that appeared in the Walt Disney movie "Big Red"  someday I will do the pedigree research to see if that is true. I saw the movie when I was 7 years old and always wanted an Irish Setter; had them as a young adult and then had to wait a few decades before I once again have them in my life again.

I drove from California to Florida to bring Shelby home...

 Shelby is pictured at just over a year here...

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