Wilders Follow That Dream
Kinross Last Blue MoonAM & CAN CH Captiva Quitte Ou Double, ROM
AM & CAN CH Captiva's Tommy HilfigerAM & CAN CH Cucuhullain Good Fortune, ROM 
AM & CAN CH Quailfield Stylish Success, ROM
CH Captiva Mcderry Odds Are, JHAM & CAN CH Captiva's Ride With The Wind
CH Mcderry's Almost Illegal, JH
CH Kinross ShalimarCH Pure Geniuse By ClonageeraClonageera Kieren
Pheanna of Clonageera
CH Rocklyn ParfaitAM & CAN CH Captiva's Ride With the Wind
CH Rocklyn Delicious

Autumn Moon Elspeth

(was shown)

Fleetwood Farms Jet SetterFleetwood Farms O' Danny BoyBellin Farms Fleetwood Gold
Shangrila Aint Misbehavin
Fleetwood Farms Sugar N SpiceMeadowlands Vicar O'Fleetwood
Candlestin Cloe of Fleetwood
My Sweet Candy CaneThe Life O'RileyRedlands Dusty Boots of Texas
Rose Valley Zany Zazoo
Lady Holly GolightlyBuckshotseanmccoyofpacificrun
Leftover Lady Shawna
Fyreside GlenlivetCH Fyreside Redhot WaterfordAM & CAN CH Cucuhullain Good Fortune, ROM CH Cucuhullain Eternal Prince
AM & CAN CH Cucuhullain Diamond Morning
CH Valley View's X-Mas CarolAM & CAN CH Quailfield Successful Magic
Valle View Auntie Emm
CH Fyreside Good Luck ToastGCH CH Ramblin' Red Criminally InsaneCH Nightn'gael Ramblin' Red Kian
CH Ramblin'red Phenomenon
CH Fyreside Hot Toddy O'ShamrokAM & CAN CH Cucuhullain Good Fortune, ROM 
CH Valley View's X-Mas Carol
Shannon Belle From Kentucky Redlands Dusty Boots Of TexasCaptiva Baileysfizz O'RedlandAM & CAN CH Cucuhullain Good Fortune, ROM 
CAN CH Captiva's Fifth Element
Redwing All Of The KaosRedwing-Celtic Knight
Redwing's Road Show
Parrigin's Maggie MaeBigham's Chester QuintonLarue Riley Big Red
Little Red Abigail Oday
Bigham's Vayda IrelandRedland's Desi's Charm
Redland's Lucille Rose

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