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MISS — On the flip side, nothing does more harm to the reputation of police departments than the horrendous actions of a handful of bad apples. An ongoing lawsuit based on alleged actions by some members of the Oroville Police Department, unfortunately, could stand as a truly awful example.

According to court documents, an Oroville police officer admitted to an investigator that he drove a woman to a dump and abandoned here there, knowing she required urgent medical care at the time of her arrest.

The initial lawsuit claimed the woman, Dana Marie James, was hit by a car on Neal Road as a result of those actions.

On face value, this strikes us as not only unethical for a police officer, but simply beyond the bounds of any human decency. Dumping an injured woman at the dump? Really?

The officer in question, Robert Sasek, remains employed. The officer who allegedly told Sasek to drive the woman to the dump, Isaac Herrera, has been terminated.

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