Before you send money for a deposit on an AKC Irish Setter puppy being sold by Hyperion Kennels owned by James and Anali Fields of Yreka, warned they are liars and DISHONEST....obviously their word and written signature mean NOTHING to them as they refuse to honor a written contract and we will be going to court....COURT DECISION was in my favor and AGAINST Mr. Fields (of course he lied about how much he sold the puppies for in court)....INTERESTING to note and that in document submitted by James Fields he ADMITTED he sent false paperwork to the AKC in order to be able to register the litter of puppies born Sept 2016.

We owned Wilders Follow That Dream and Wilders Flaming Star ~ my husband was in ICU and I had to board the dogs at the local vet at a cost of $1300 per month. It wasn't fair to the dogs and not knowing what was going on with my husband we decided the best would be to place the dogs....We had a WRITTEN CONTRACT and the Fields refuse to honor the contract and sent false paperwork to AKC...

Before "Shelby" was 2 years old they had bred her for the 2nd time. They stated in court on 2/2/2017 they intend to breed her her next heat so she will have had puppies EVERY time she comes in heat.

They advertise as a kennel...tried to breed the male Irish Setter to a Golden Retriever they had because it would save them a stud fee. Advertised the litter on their webpage.

Advertise as a kennel, yet Animal Control said they had NO RECORD of them in compliance with the law....that would mean having healthy conditions for the dogs to live in and the number of dogs allowed and shots.

They had AKC CHANGE THE DATE of ownership on the AKC papers so they could register the litter born September 20, 2016 which was NOT what was in the written contract.

So if you pay them a deposit they could decide just not to honor their contract and you will be out

PLEASE KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH AND BUY YOUR AKC Irish Setter Puppy not from a backyard breeder but from someone who has the best interest of the breed at heart and competes in AKC shows.

We have put an AKC title on a dog before and owned Champions.

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