Puppies born June 30, 2017 will be ready the beginning of September 2017 for their new homes ~~ 7/8 Shih Tzu and 1/8 Maltese

They have a vet appointment on Aug 21st for health check, worming and first shots with our local vet.

Sire is 3/4 Shih Tzu and 1/4 Maltese                      Dam is AKC Shih Tzu

Looks like we have:

1 Black/White Female

1 Black/White Male

1 Red/White Female

1 Red/White Male

video clips of the puppies can be seen on you tube at

4 weeks old:

https://youtu.be/9MvBHyQqvI8  for some reason this one you have to copy & paste



Puppies will be vet checked and first shots given by a vet

If vet discovers a hernia you can either take $100 off price OR have your deposit refunded immediately

If your puppy has a crooked tail you can either take $50 off price OR have your deposit

Price is $425 AND I will deliver to either Kingman or Casa Grande, Arizona if you are in Arizona....we are located in Northern California...

$100 deposit to hold your puppy ~~ you can send via paypal as friends or family and they do not charge a fee  or you can send through the mail (will need to let me know if you are doing this)

EACH Puppy comes with a starter puppy kit which includes: tote bag with pictures of shih Tzu which holds the harness & leash, food & water bowls, puppy toy, puppy blanket and bag of puppy food, etc.

Pictures taken July 18, 2017


Female puppy ~ Red, Black and White

now living in Sacramento ....


Male puppy ~~ Red, Black & White

Going to a home that previously bought a puppy from us ~ living in Lodi

Female Puppy ~~ Black & White

Daisy is living in Nevada


Male Puppy ~~ Black & White

Living in South Lake Tahoe



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